Dragon Lily vs. Jolene the Valkyrie

Dragon Lily vs. Jolene the Valkyrie


Duration: 12 minutes

Here at Utopia, we’ve had the pleasure of videotaping quite a few all-female wrestling matches in our history. A case could be made that WW-12, Dragon Lily vs. Jolene the Valkyrie is arguably the best! Dragon Lily is 5’3′ and 130lbs., and Jolene the Valkyrie is 5’8′ and 130lbs. So both women weigh exactly the same and both women are strikingly pretty! Dragon Lily has a background in BJJ and Jolene is a fiery, scrappy wrestler with really long, strong legs. This match is really competitive, with one woman winning 4-2. However, both women display a sportsmanship rarely seen in such an intense contest. Both women manage to take the other down to the mat, both manage chokes, and both trap the other in head and body scissors, yet it is really difficult to submit the other! That is why there are only 6 submissions in almost 30 hard-fought minutes! Jolene looks tall and thin, until she traps you in her scissors. Then look at her quads expand in size to rib-cracking, skull-bending, unforgiving size. Dragon Lily is built for power and endurance and her meaty thighs can literally engulf your head. Wrapped around your waist, it is nearly impossible to breathe! So which woman takes home the victory? WW-12, Dragon Lily vs. Jolene the Valkyrie is 29+ minutes of of non-stop all-female wrestling action! The download is 1280 x 720p, 3500kbs, and 843mb. We recommend a high speed internet connection to download this fantastic production. Check out Dragon Lily and Jolene the Valkyrie Utopia Star Profiles. Enjoy!

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