Don’t Underestimate Sunshine!

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Don’t Underestimate Sunshine!


If you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Sunshine, please allow us a brief moment to tell you about her. Sunshine is gorgeous, statuesque, lithe, fit, sparkling brown eyes, and a bubbly, effervescent personality that lights up any room she enters. When we introduced Derrick to Sunshine you could see his eyes perk up. I mean rolling around with this gorgeous female specimen for an hour, who wouldn’t be excited? And, like so many men before him, he thought wrestling Sunshine was going to be easy. That said, Derrick isn’t your typical wrestling jobber either. He’s young, handsome and built. Sunshine eyed him up and down and looked at me practically licking her lips. She thought to herself, this might actually be a challenge. In the middle of when I was explaining the story, Sunshine said “Kip, just turn on the camera, I got this!” She grabbed Derrick and dragged him to the bed, and it was game on! I don’t think Derrick knew what hit him, because instantly Sunshine catches him in a guillotine. What follows is a head scissor, figure 4, reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, then a brutal body scissor and rear naked choke. She turns his face bright red from the pressure of her unbreakable scissors, and he’s flailing to escape as he begs her for some air. We’re about 8.5 minutes into a 26 minute video when Sunshine kicks him to the floor.¬†Derrick is already spent and his neck and ego have been crushed. From there Sunshine dominates him with scissor after grueling scissor, talking trash and completely owning him. The lesson? Don’t Underestimate Sunshine! Enjoy!


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