Cypruss Allure Shows Off!

Cypruss Allure Shows Off!


Skilled Cypruss Allure comes to Utopia to show off her amazing Judo and Wrestling skills, and show off she does! What we weren’t ready for, is how naturally beautiful and fit she is. So we rolled out the measuring tape and squeeze-o-meter to get the stats on Cypruss. Cypruss’ biceps measured a respectable 13″, her thighs 23″, and her calves 14″. Combine her impressive build with astonishing wrestling/grappling and judo skills and it’s no wonder why this power-packed women can dominate men over twice her size. In UTCS-26, Cypruss Allure Shows Off, Cypruss comes out in a tiny camouflage thong bikini. Steve tests Cypruss at the start and tries to pull her into his guard, however Cypruss passes his guard and gets side control. It isn’t long before she maneuvers around Steve and captures him in a tight reverse scissor. Every time she clenches her butt cheeks, she forces Steve’s nose in deep and practically smothers him. Cypruss works Steve into several pins and scissorholds telling us the Japanese name for each debilitating hold. Both arm-in and naked holds are used as Cypruss shows why she’s way more skilled than he. In the end after suffering through humiliating reverse scissors and reverse fours, Cypruss humiliates him further by sitting on his face and flexing. This clip has over 10 minutes of solid wrestling, but Steve must spend half of it pinned and smothered in her amazing backside! Total length with measuring is 13 minutes. Cypruss Allure is awesome! Enjoy!

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