Candace Crushes the Creep

Candace Crushes the Creep


We shot this video the year Candace Clay (nod, nod, wink, wink) got her pro card. She was bulking up in the off-season to compete with the big girls. Candace is lush and gorgeous and beaming with enthusiasm in her second Utopia Video. And, even though off-season, Candace’s legs are still lean, extremely powerful and likened to that of a thoroughbred racehorse! Brian won’t leave Candace alone at the gym. He’s always creeping around to get better glimpses of the bodybuilding beauty. She calls me to witness him staring at her, and I immediately set-up a challenge match. After all, I can smell a beat-down when I see one! Candace dismantles Brian. She overpowers him from start to finish. Exhausted and spent, Candace is just getting started. She commences to lift him. She does leglifts, pushups, and squats him over 20 times. She airplane spins him, dumps him and flexes over her fallen prey. This is IFBB Pro Candace at her dominating best. UTKC1 is 530mb and is 33 minutes in length. $17.95

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