Brigita Brezovac vs. Duncan

Brigita Brezovac vs. Duncan


Duration: 50 minutes

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Brigita Brezovac graces Utopia Entertainment in our newest episode of ‘Holy Shit This Woman Can Really Wrestle!’ I’m going to cut right to the chase. Words can hardly describe the rough nature of this video. Brigita is massive and strong, yet she has a sensuous quality about the way she completely dismantles her victim. In near contest condition ‘The Slovenian Steamroller’ throws Duncan around at will and then pounces like a tigress devouring her prey. We’ve all heard the comparisons of a woman’s squeeze to a Python, but never in almost 20 years of producing these videos have I ever felt (or witnessed) anything remotely resembling the power this woman can bring to bear. She’s more like a rock pulverizer or a metal crusher in a junk yard! Check out the sample pics and video. I tried to briefly illustrate some of the brutality contained within. Her scissor holds come at you with swift, angry, velocity and accuracy and then your done. Then Brigita starts to play with her slave, inflicting pain at her will. And she likes to hold him in her grip for what seems like forever to Duncan. All with a smile on her pretty Slovenian face! The brief sample montage is not in chronological order, but should give you a taste of the 30 minutes of Hell that Duncan endured to make this video. After watching this video, we dare you to contact Duncan (or Brigita for that matter) and tell them wrestling videos at Utopia aren’t real! 30 minutes with stereo sound. The download is 1280 x 720p, 3500kbs, split into 2 parts for a total of 848mb. Also Check out Brigita’s Utopia Star Profile here! Now we’ve broken up Brigita’s devastation of Duncan into 7 cool parts and added it to the Utopia Entertainment Clips Store! Buy a little bit of it at a time, or the whole match, your choice! Enjoy!

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