Ashley Starr (aka Kelli Provocateur) Ragdolls Rich!

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Ashley Starr (aka Kelli Provocateur) Ragdolls Rich!


This video is what happens when it is totally free form, unscripted and you tell Ashley Starr … “Go!” Ashley aka Kelli Provocateur is a beautiful, shredded, ultra-flexible, pro bodybuilder who really knows how to wrestle. This energetic, muscular, spitfire is only 4’10” but packs 130lbs onto her rock-hard physique. And when I say rock-hard, I mean it. Her thighs are like slabs of concrete, able to pulverize ribs, heads and necks to smithereens. The crushing pain she inflicts is so paralyzing, it’s hard to even scream in pain. You just bear down, grit your teeth, and hope she doesn’t break one of your body parts. Her mission when it comes to mixed wrestling? Dominate and destroy! MW-120, Ashley Starr Ragdolls Rich, is as close to a wrestling beatdown as you will see. No punches thrown, just a bad ass woman, beating a man soundly by ragdolling him around the room. Scissoring, facesitting, scissor slams, standing, sitting, jumping, front, side reverse, grapevine, choke, arm bar, utterly humiliating and manhandling him in one maneuver after another. Check out the free clip, this is a mere smattering of the hurtin’ she puts on Rich. If you like women who “take no prisoners” when it comes to mixed wrestling then Kelli Provocateur (Ashley Starr) is your woman, and this is your video. Enjoy!


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