Around the World with Annie!

Around the World with Annie!


Duration: 83 minutes

IFBB Pro female bodybuilder Annie Rivieccio returns to Utopia to give Nick the first session of his life. When Annie sessions with newbies she loves to give them the works. Something she calls ‘Around the World with Annie.’ Annie starts out talking and flexing directly to the camera, showing her enormous 16′ biceps, 26′ quads and 17′ calves. Then she invites Nick to worship her amazing muscles. The lucky man gets to kiss her awesome biceps and squeeze her huge traps. Then on his knees to feel her hard legs before she makes him literally kiss her ass! Annie knows exactly how to turn on a man who loves muscle. She tosses Nick down and sits on his face, then clamps on her rock hard thighs in a brutal reverse head scissor. She moves to her side and then puts her bulging calves right in Nick’s face. Annie’s calves are big enough to do some serious damage, but nothing like her man-eating thighs. She moves to an intense head scissor and classic figure 4 which makes Nick scream his submission. Then she maneuvers around him for a vicious grapevine followed by a full nelson. Annie teases Nick with knee-breaking pressure, inviting him to feel her unyielding thighs as they crush him. Annie gives Nick a break for the next 4.5 minutes by squatting Nick in fireman’s carry and piggy back lifts. Then she has him compare his puny muscles to her gorgeous, thick mountains. The last 5 minutes features Annie scissoring Nick senseless in a standing scissors and then in front for an eye-popping straight leg, and figure four sequence which completely decimates young Nick. MW-83, Around the World with Annie is a visual treat for fans of IFBB pro female bodybuilders in general and Annie Rivieccio in particular. There’s literally something for every taste in this offering. Muscle flexing and posing, muscle worship, muscle comparison, lifting, wrestling, scissoring and manhandling. Check it out today. 29 minutes, presented in full HD 1920 x 1080. Enjoy!

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